Paramarthik Alochona Sabha

The specific need for discussions and deliberation in Gaudiya Math on Spirituality was felt by Srila Prabhupad. To fulfil the said necessities he organised an eight day-long series of discussions from Friday, 24th October to Saturday 1st November 1930. The sessions routinely commenced daily from 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. each day. He delegated the responsibility of arranging the said meetings on his followers and following three councillors. 

  1. Sri Atul Chandra Bandyopadhyay . (Bhakti Saranga Gosvami, Bhakti Sastri)
  2. Sri Nishikant Sanyal (Bhakti Sudhakar , Bhakti Sastri)
  3. Sri Kunja Behari Vidya Bhusan, ( Acharyatrick , Bhagabatratna.)

The matters deliberated on the sessions were as follows:

  1. (Relationship Stage): Science of acquiring knowledge, instructions, decisions, resources and ideas.
  2. (Relationship Stage): Introspection of self, Theological inquisitiveness such as conceptualisation of Supreme Power, reality and truth, judging the companions and the assistants, Decentralisation, characteristics of inanimate objects, determining the difference between strengths and weaknesses, and realistic profile.

  3. (Relationship Stage): Adorable or deep attachment stage, Devotee stage, Science of reality and unreal matters.

  4. (Denotation Stage): To deliberate on different ascetic practices to desist from a propensity towards mundane life and to determine their positions such as in-disciplined and reckless conducts, Deeds, Knowledge, Ascetic Characteristics, meditation and so on.

  5. (Denotation Stage): Characteristics of devotion.

  6. (Devotional Stage): Different arts of worshipping.

  7. (Requirement Stage): Theories of purpose or necessities and direction towards spirituality.

  8. During differences or exceptions or omissions or exclusions, solution of issues reflected in Relationship, Denotation and Requirement stages.

  9. Solution of the above issues at the time or sequencing or determining the relations.