Sri Braja Dham Pracharini Sabha

Srila Prabhupad revived Sri Braja Dham Pracharini Sabha on the 9th October 1935. The motto of this institution was to reclaim lost Pilgrimage places, repair and cleansing of the Shrines, Temples and places of worship of The Gosvamis. Through restitution of Brajadham Pracharini Sabha, Srila Prabhupad introduced the following services:-

  1. Built Mausoleum of Srila Bhakti Vinod Thakur on the Bank of Sri Radha Kunda renowned as:- Sri BrajaSvananda Sukhada Kunja.  
  2. Constructed Gaudiya Math and named it “Sri Kunja Bihari Math” near Sri Radha Kunda.
  3. Repair- reclamation of the ancient Temple at the “Seshshayee”, a holy place glorified by the footfall of Sri Gaur.
  4. Establishing “Mathura Gaudiya Math Office”
  5. Establishing “Sri Krishna Chaitanya Math” in Kishori Pura near Sridham Vrindavan service centre.

    Many such activities were carried out through this “Sabha”.